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ATV Tours Available Las Vegas, Nevada

The Most Fun & Highest Rated ATV Tours in Vegas!

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Desert Driving Adventure in a UTV side by side!
Free Shuttle Service along the Strip to Vegas Off Road Tours in Good Springs, Nevada!

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Vegas Off Road ATV Tour Packages

Looking for the best value in Vegas ATV tours? We’re located just 45 minutes south of the Las Vegas strip.
We proudly boast some of the most gorgeous desert terrains with elevation peeking over 6,000 ft, herds of roaming wild horses and TWO desert taverns.

We’re not just a tour company.

We are a family that provides an off-roading experience for our friends from all over the world. Check out our reviews and learn why we’re proud our friends turn into family and come out to ride with us a third, fourth and fifth time!
Check out our desert adventures below!


The “Mojave” Desert Adventure


3.5 Hours / 3 Hours of trail time
$450 Per Vehicle with 2 People

Don’t have the time to be out on the trails all day but still want that off-road experience while in Vegas?
Our three hour “Mojave” Tour gives you just enough time to get out on the trails and get dirty while making those off-roading memories,  and if you’re really lucky, a herd of wild horses.


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The “Road Runner” Desert Adventure


3 Hours / 2.5  Hours of trail time
$350 Per Vehicle with 2 People

Short on time, Not the fun!

Our most popular adventure

Grab your friends and let’s get out and ride in the desert!


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The “Pioneer” Desert Adventure


5 Hours / 3.5 Hours of trail time

Includes lunch at the famous Pioneer Saloon!
$650 Per vehicle with 2 people

This tour is for those wanting the full desert experience. 
With 3.5 hours of trail time you will get plenty of time to tour the gorgeous mojave desert, check out the wildlife, take picutres and more!



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Looking for a Private Tour riding ATVs through the trails in the Mojave Desert?
Vegas Off Road Tours can personalize the perfect tour with our Private Polaris XP 1000’s.

Looking for more drive time? Wanting a private, exclusive customized tour just for you? With our Private Tour, you have the option to add:
1. Additional drive time
2. Eat at the famous Pioneer Saloon or famous Idle Spur or request additional food  locations
3. Customize your pick up or drop off location and time (within reason)
4. OR call to create an adventure you won’t want to miss with a drive and shoot tour at a local shooting range.

Booking a PRIVATE RIDE with Vegas Off Road Tours gives you an unlimited amount of options and flexibility with the trails of the Mojave Desert set aside just for you!

Call us today to find out what kind of ride we can create together!
We’ll help you discover an Adventure you won’t soon forget!

Let’s Get Dirty!



Epic Desert ATV Fun with Vegas Off Road Tours!


Mel & Debra Stotts
Host The
Most Fun &
Highest Rated
ATV Tours In Vegas

Here at Vegas Off Road Tours we feel that rides like the “Dumont Dunes” and “The Salt Flats” are fun but, and in no way are we trying to say they are a waste of money, with that being said, those kinds of “tours”, simply being dropped off in a sandy lot and thrown the keys, produce a rapid rush and then an equally rapid boredom. Our ATV Vegas tours feature steep hill climbing, twists, turns, dips, lifts, drop offs, riding on rocks, gravel, asphalt, yes even sand and sometimes a mix of two or three of these. Your atv tour will include high desert, low desert, canyons, mountain ranges, dry brown terrain and lush green terrain. Did we mention the tour changes with the season? Winter brings light snow on the ground and beautiful snow capped mountains while spring brings amazing desert blooms from flowers you probably never thought you’d see on a Las Vegas desert tour! All of this and we haven’t even started to elaborate on the history of the area, old mines, Spanish Trails, Carol Lombard crash site, Goodsprings township, the Pioneer Saloon and the all game changing night rides.

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What was built in 1913, is made of stamped tin, was ordered from a Sears & Roebuck catalog, and is the oldest continuously operating bar in Clark County, Nevada? It’s the Pioneer Saloon! Built by prominent business man George Fayle, the Pioneer Saloon holds a certain charm that does not exist on the Las Vegas strip. The mahogany bar, originally built in the 1860’s by the Brunswick Company in Maine, located inside the Pioneer Saloon was actually from another older bar that was closed down. In the old wild west nothing went to waist. The whole mahogany bar is original right down to the original brass footrest. It is believed to be one of the last original stamped tin buildings left standing in the united States, if not THE very last one, and has been serving up cold ones non stop since the day it was opened. Once a place full of miners, cattlemen, prostitutes and horse thieves the Pioneer Saloon today is a down to earth getaway from the ordinary life we all lead. Your Las Vegas ATV tour begins and ends at this world famous saloon.

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Beautiful wild horses, rabbits, chipmunks, and yes even the occasional rattle snake. The Nevada desert is full of wildlife. Our Las Vegas ATV tour also features many beautiful plants, flowers, and an amazing assortment of cactus. This Vegas desert tour covers lots of different terrain and with that vast terrain comes an enormous variation of plant and animal habitation. Many times on our ATV Vegas tours we will come across the wild horses and our customers will get to enjoy photos with these powerful yet gentle mammals. Depending on the time of year, many customers like to stop and get photos of the wonderful variety of desert flowers on our Las Vegas Desert ATV tour. We also come across desert lizards and, like we mentioned earlier, even snakes every once in a while. If you’re into it, there’s also a nice mix of insects that call the desert home. Maybe not as easy to find, we assure you though if you’re looking for them on your ATV Las Vegas tour you will find them, from spiders to beetles to scorpions and millipedes the Nevada desert has much to experience.

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Vegas Off Road Tours owners, Mel & Debra Stotts at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings. Enjoy your Las Vegas desert tour with us the Las Vegas ATV tours adventurists


Look, like we said before, we’re not into talking bad about our competitors, as we truly believe all of them have something different to offer. Again, with that said, some Las Vegas ATV tours require a long drive to a desolate, sandy location or far out onto a national park, while some “tours” take you far from anything civilized so they compensate by supplying you with cold cut sandwiches or cheep grilled hot dogs. Not that any of that is so awful it would kill the experience. Yet, when you take a Las Vegas ATV tour with Vegas Off Road Tours we start and stop at the historic Pioneer Saloon where you’re given the option to hang out and enjoy one of the finest 100% 1/2lb certified Angus steak burgers found, with an ice-cold adult beverage to wash it down. Something you’re gonna want after a long ride in the Mojave Desert! The Pioneer Saloon proudly serves, hands down, the best burger in Las Vegas. It’s crazy that such an amazing, fire grilled, juicy piece of beef could be found in the middle of nowhere! Plus, let’s not forget the burger bar, all the fixings you want to pile onto your burger to make it your very own masterpiece.

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