Why Choose a RZR Tour Instead of a Hummer Tour?

Las Vegas is a great base of operations for a number of different adventures. You could head out to see Hoover Dam and enjoy Lake Mead. You could head out of state to see the Grand Canyon. Death Valley is even an option. There are plenty of local sights to enjoy as well. There are a number of different ways you can enjoy these experiences, including a wonderfully organized Hummer tour that includes all the trappings you’ll need for some great times.

We just believe that a RZR tour is better than a Hummer tour. Here are some thoughts behind our reasoning.
#1. You get dirty. A Hummer tour will take you to locations that are further away. If you’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, then go see it in a Hummer. We just like the idea of getting dirty in the Las Vegas desert as you see the various mountains, canyons, and wildlife that is right outside of town. Instead of worrying about booking another hotel and being stuck in a vehicle with nothing to do for hours on end, you can have the wind in your face, a great burger, and a tall one.
#2. You get up close and personal with nature. Lake Mead has plenty of water sports to enjoy. The Grand Canyon has many tourist trappings to enjoy – plus a pretty darn good view. Yet you really don’t get up close and personal with nature unless you’re on a RZR tour. If you see wildlife, you can stop to take a photo. You can put your footprints into the Nevada desert. In a sense, you get the freedom to just be yourself.
#3. It’s a feeling of contentment that goes on and on. A great tour guide can really bring out the experiences you receive. Yet even the best of tour guides can’t replicate what you can do for yourself. When you’re inside a Hummer, even if the windows are down, the experience just isn’t the same as the open-air design of a RZR. The Hummer lets you receive a posh experience as the desert flies by. A RZR tour puts you right into the action so you have contented memories that live on and on.
#4. You really get to go off-road. You could go to Death Valley to enjoy a “light off-road experience.” We prefer more of the genuine off-road experience a RZR tour has to offer. Our vehicles don’t need fully groomed roads or trails to navigate the wilderness. You can climb over rocks, go spinning off in the sand, and have much more control over a RZR experience for a cost that is competitive with most Hummer tours that are available.
#5. You can create custom tours that work with your schedule. Hummer tours often have minimum requirements to meet even for the most basic of tours. A RZR tour is available between 10-2 or 10-4 when in-season and group tour times are also available. You come out, experience the Nevada desert, and then get to enjoy everything else that Las Vegas has to offer when you’re out here trying to relax and rejuvenate.

You could enjoy a luxurious drive to an amazing view with a Hummer tour. We just prefer the luxury of having the wind in your face and more scheduling flexibility that a RZR tour has to offer. Find your zen outside today in your preferred way and no matter what you decide, that bothersome stress will soon melt away.
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