Why a RZR Tour Is Better Than a Buggy Tour

Racing is in our blood from birth. We competed with our classmates in school for the best grades, the most popularity, or who could shove the most chicken nuggets into our mouths at lunch in the cafeteria. At work competition still happens as we jockey for promotions, raises, and better benefits than our co-workers. When you’re stopped at a red light and the car next to you guns their engine, even if it’s just for a moment, you picture yourself destroying that other driver in a race to the next stoplight.

A high quality buggy tour feeds into this emotional need thanks to the many flats that surround the Las Vegas area. It’s a great experience.
Yet it is an experience that is somewhat limited because a buggy is only designed for certain environments. That’s the main reason why we prefer a RZR tour. Here are some of the additional differences to consider between these two fun options during your next Vegas adventure.
#1. You get more of an authentic desert experience. Deserts are more than just acres of sand dunes. They are living, thriving environments that are constantly shifting and evolving over each season. Every trip to the desert can give you a new experience, even if it’s on the same exact tour. We especially love a RZR tour after a light rain because there’s a great chance to see wildflowers and wildlife. You can’t always get that on a buggy tour.
#2. There is more anticipation on a RZR tour. If you’re racing around the sand dunes in a buggy, then you’re having fun. There’s no denying that fact! Yet when you’re on a RZR tour, you’re still having a 50 MPH wind blast you in the face for an exhilarating experience. Then you receive the anticipation of not knowing what you’ll get to see, which enhances the exhilaration. Instead of feeding a core need to race, we feed a core need to explore.
#3. A standard RZR tour gives you 2 extra hours of in-seat time. The standard off-road buggy tour to experience the dunes is just 30 minutes long. Now you can book different adventures if you want with a buggy, but a RZR tour will still usually beat the price of a buggy tour to give you a better overall value. For 2.5 hours on a buggy, you’d pay more than double a standard RZR rate and not get all of the perks that are offered at the Pioneer Saloon.
#4. You really get away from the city. Many of the buggy tours that you’ll find in a Las Vegas vacation guide are only 15-30 minutes away from the strip. You can often see the strip in the background. Does that really reset your focus? Get you out into nature? The various canyons, trails, and experiences of a RZR tour can help you get back to your roots and enjoy everything that the Nevada desert and Mother Nature are waiting to offer you right now.
#5. You get beer, food, and fun. Nevada is more than just cheap booze, nightclubs, and gambling. It has a rich history that is unique in the United States. This state was founded on the idea that you could blaze your own trail, carve something worthwhile out of the desert, and chase your own dreams. As you enjoy food, fun, and a tall one on a RZR tour, this historic view is what we offer. A buggy tour is more of the modern Vegas experience.

Going out on a buggy tour when time is limited can help you enjoy the desert when you’re visiting Vegas. If you have more time and want something a little more historic and authentic, then a RZR tour gives you more value. We’ll let you decide what is best for your next adventure.
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