Vegas Off Road Tours 2015 Year In Review Video

Thank you to all of our customers…
We appreciate you choosing Vegas Off Road Tours for your Las Vegas ATV tour adventure. We know it can be an overwhelming decision in choosing a tour company, there are alot of us out there to choose from!
But because all of you, my husband was able to retire from working another full time job in Vegas! And because of you we get to work together everyday, yay! But seriously we enjoy meeting you all, from all parts of the world and share our beautiful desert with all of its four different seasons with all its furry and not so furry inhabitants!
Also because of you, several people from Goodsprings have jobs that otherwise would not and they have fun doing what they do, plus get to work right out of their backyard!
From the collection of tours throughout the year and all the photos and videos you’ve shared, we’ve been able to put this together – Vegas Off Road Tours 2015 Year in Review – for all of our customers to enjoy.