Two Guys “Go Big”, And Reconnect Along The Way On A RZR 1000 ATV.

When you think about guys having a Vegas adventure, something like The Hangover probably comes to mind. After all, Vegas nightlife is famous for a reason. But if you’re looking to make the most out of your time in Vegas without finding a tiger in your hotel room or one of your friends asleep on the hotel roof, and ATV tour is the activity for you.
Unlike the clubs and casinos, where you can spend all of your cash just to come home empty handed, a Vegas Off Road Tour provides lasting memories at a breakneck pace. There’s an undeniably good feeling about road tripping with one of your best buddies, and that road trip feeling is much more intense when you’re barreling across the Nevada desert in a Polaris RZR ATV.
No red lights, no speeding tickets, and no traffic jams to bring you down!