The Universal Family Appeal Of ATV Tours in Las Vegas.

With so many kinds of entertainment available and one of the best locations for warm, sunny weather anywhere in the world, it’s not surprising that Las Vegas attracts visitors from across the globe. Of the more than 40 million visitors to Sin City last year, nearly 1 in 6 were international, proving that distance isn’t keeping tourists from flocking to the desert.
And just like the wide appeal of the Vegas strip, ATV tours happening in the city’s surrounding desert bring attract people from all different demographics and nationalities. The city you live in and the language you speak become unimportant details when the expanse of desert scenery and wildlife opens up all around you.
For the Hearne family from Boston, self-described rookies when it comes to driving ATVs, they loved feeling like they could be comfortable at going their own pace, remarking that “it wasn’t just about the speed and the dust, but the views were unbelievable.” As one of the many families visiting Las Vegas with children who are under 21, an ATV tour was the perfect family-friendly activity that everyone had a blast doing. Anyone 12 years or older can be a passenger, while being 18 or older with a valid driver’s license means you’re good to get behind the wheel of the Polaris RZR. For those too young to drive, the fast ride through the desert is still a thrill, and a longer, more interactive one than any amusement park ride or waterslide.