The Powerful Health Benefits Of Nature and Wild Horses On An ATV Tour

People have always known that proximity to nature, and the wild animals that it offers, is good for the body and mind. It is even said that people throughout history have tried to make room for natural spaces within urban development. The ancient city of Petra used irrigation to grow a lush garden in the desert, and modern metropolises like London and New York City feature huge parks that offer a partial escape from feeling like the brick and concrete is closing in on you.
It’s important for urban areas to offer ways for people to connect with nature, because hiking up a mountain on your lunch break or kayaking home from work aren’t options for most of us city dwellers.

Las Vegas might not be a place you’ve associated with enjoying the great outdoors or even checking out gorgeous wild horses. Maybe you’ve never been to the Nevada desert, or the only time you spent outdoors on your last trip involved lounging by the pool and stepping outside to walk from one casino to the next.
Either way, your next visit could feature time at the pool and casino, along with a much needed excursion into nature. Escaping out into the desert and experiencing the views of these gorgeous wild horses beyond the city limits will be good for your body and mind. And guess what? There’s a ton of scientific evidence to prove it.
We know that many people say they enjoy looking at natural scenery, but researchers have used MRI technology to uncover exactly how looking at nature effects the brain. California researchers discovered that viewing scenes of nature caused activity in a part of the brain full of opioid receptors, meaning that nature is like a drop of feel-good medication that helps reduce stress and improve mood. In a similar study, Korean researchers used MRI to see what the brain does when looking at pictures of city scenes or nature. The urban scenes affected areas of the brain associated with negative reactions like anger and depression, while the nature scenes lit up parts of the brain involved with love and empathy.
If those results come just from test subjects looking at pictures of natural scenes, the incredible desert vistas you’ll see on a Vegas ATV tour will have your brain lighting up in all of the right places. Whether you’ve been feeling stressed at home or you lost a few too many dollars playing craps the night before, these views will help to recharge and reset your mind.
If you’re not convinced that your brain chemistry needs the extra boost, there are many more ways that getting outdoors on one of our ATV tours can benefit your health. Spending time in nature has been clinically linked to reduced levels of inflammation, improved concentration, an increase in creative thinking, and longer life spans.
You might feel like your brain is happy doing the same things over and over again, but it’s really craving stimulation. For many people, the easiest way to satisfy this need is by using the various screens in their lives, and with so many apps and messages constantly at our fingertips, it’s no wonder why we find our devices so satisfying. But scientific research tells us that open air and being surrounded by nature are the kind of stimulation that’s satisfying in the moment and good for our long term health. It may be the last thing you thought you’d be looking for on a trip to Vegas, but an ATV experience offers the perfect way to have fun and get your nature fix next time you roll into town.
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