The Odds Of Return On Your Investment: How Our ATV Tour Stacks Up Against the Casinos

The appeal of a visit to Las Vegas has grown far beyond its many casinos, but the lure of winning big at the poker table or pulling a jackpot-winning spin on the slots is still a huge part of how Sin City draws in tourists. But how likely are you to actually walk away with a return on your investment at the casino, compared with a life-changing experience on one of our ATV tours?

Casino Facts
Not everyone goes to Vegas with a dream of striking it rich, but if it’s crossed your mind as you walked through one of the city’s 100+ casinos, you aren’t the only one. From the strip and downtown Vegas to the surrounding suburbs, Clark County casinos raked in about $9.7 billion in gaming revenues in 2016.
Just how likely are you to win some of that money back from Clark County? It depends on what your game is and where you play. For slot players, the worst payouts come from 1¢ machines on the strip, with about an 88% payback percentage, while the best payouts (around 95%) come from $1 machines in North Las Vegas or the Boulder Strip. Those numbers might sound appealing, but they’re far from a sure thing. A 95% payout rate means the casino keeps 5% of its players’ money over the long term. When it comes to individual players, those who come away winners skew the odds for the rest of us, meaning you certainly aren’t guaranteed to come away with 95% of the money you put in.
With casino games where some level of skill is involved, payout odds become more complicated. But the old adage that “the house always wins” rings true. From roulette to video poker, the odds are stacked against individual players, and most will leave the casino with less money than they came in with. This doesn’t mean gambling can’t be fun, but that fun will most likely cost you money. For people who have visited Vegas enough times that novelty of casinos has worn off, or those who were never really interested in gambling to being with, there are other Las Vegas experiences you can choose to invest in.

Off Road Payouts
At Vegas Off Road Tours, our full-day off-roading with a Polaris RZR 1000 start at $400 for an individual. Add a passenger and you’ll be on your way to enjoying 1.5 to 3 hours of in-seat driving time – depending on the package of your choice, and a historical tour like you’ve never experienced. After the tour you have an option of purchasing a flame-grilled burger and an ice cold beer at the world famous, Pioneer Saloon. Friends, this giant burger would cost you an extra arm and a leg anywhere near a casino on the strip.
If you spend several hours straight in a casino, we bet you’re likely to spend more than a few hundred bucks, but what we offer you at Vegas Off Road Tours goes beyond monetary value. Casinos can be fun, but you probably wouldn’t rant and rave about your time in one unless you won big. With incredible desert views, tons of historical education, and a true off roading experience driving our ATVs, investing in one of our tours will leave you with a record high payout in memories and fun.
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