The Magic Mountains Of Our Las Vegas ATV Tours

The Nevada desert is a unique and beautiful place to explore with expansive panoramic views, and the unique nature of an ATV tour helps to magnify that beauty by giving you an up-close-and-personal look along with the thrill and excitement that comes with an ATV tour.

The obvious crowd-favorite during these Las Vegas desert tours are the mountains of the Nevada desert. People always remark at how beautiful they are, and photos can hardly do them justice. The way they punctuate the Nevada desert skyline is breathtaking at all hours of the day, and even more so during the sunset and dusk hours. These mountains—which are home to the many desert species and unique plant life of the Nevada deserts—are a geographic wonder that are truly awe-inspiring.
The rocky terrain as you approach the mountains is angular and incomparable, making way for beautiful views as the ATV tour beings to climb a bit in elevation, exploring the base of these fantastic mountains from below. The unexpectedly varied and complex terrain of the Nevada desert shifts once again as you near the mountains, showing a diverse ecosystem. If you thought that going on a Las Vegas ATV tour was just a dusty ride through a barren landscape of sand and red clay, you’ll be in for a surprise. When you first see the rolling mountains and valleys that frame this unexpectedly beautiful and vibrant landscape, you’ll do a double take.

Along the mountains as the sun begins to slowly set in the sky, the majestic mountain skyline is dotted with fluffy white clouds. The plant life, desert shrubs, and cacti of the landscape suddenly make a seemingly arid and barren desert come to life. A sunset along the mountainside makes for a picture perfect moment that you won’t want to miss when enjoying the best ATV tour Las Vegas has to offer. You’ll want to take a moment away from the fun and exciting off-roading ride to take in the views that you won’t see anywhere else.

Trade the mountains of neon lights that fill Las Vegas for the natural beauty of the stunning mountainside and complex rock formations for a day, and we know you’ll return from the tour in awe. The bumpy ride of an ATV tour leaves much to be admired for thrill seekers and sightseers alike. No filter needed.

Images were taken by an actual customer one of our Las Vegas ATV night tours. Thanks Matt Morris for the great images!

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