The Arctic Wildcat 1000 the once Flagship Machine of Vegas Off Road Tours

There’s so much more to the Las Vegas area than meets the imagination, and anyone who has grown up in the Nevada desert has likely been out to the dunes on an ATV of some sort. Some are meant for solo driving, while ‘side by sides’ are just about the only way to get around in the desert with a passenger.
When it comes to an area with terrain like Goodsprings, rough lands and even abandoned mines, many ATVs have a hard time navigating the situation. After much comparison between models, it appears that the Arctic Wildcat 1000 may actually be the best choice in which to take a smooth cruise through the desert landscape – and it was the flagship ATV of Vegas Off Road Tours! You’ll find them corralled in front of the historic Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, chomping at the bit to take off on the next wild west adventure!
Designing the Wildcat 1000
The Wildcat 1000 is manufactured by Arctic Cat Inc. Along with manufacturing, this company markets, engineers and designs a variety of exciting alternative vehicles. From ATVs to snowmobiles, it’s no wonder the company had working knowledge of how to create an amazing experience. When brainstorming the Wildcat 1000, its creators drew inspiration from the oh-so-scary rugged off-roads of the Baha 1000 race.
Vegas Off Road Tour’s once signature ATV has been called "the most potent pure-sport recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) ever built," by Side x Side Industry News. This ATV’s designers literally thought of everything. From a strategically placed gas tank to electronic power steering, the Wildcat 1000 was created to combine the need for speed and practicality on the dunes, with an uncompromising aim at being the best in the industry.
The Specs are Impressive
Anyone who has spent time on ATVs will recognize the high quality specs on the Wildcat, but even newcomers will be able to appreciate some of these particulars. Starting with the dimensions, the Wildcat is a full ten feet long. With over a five foot overall width, it falls in line with some other ATVs on the market, and it has a respectable ground clearance of 13 inches. Not much else ordinary about them.
Where the Wildcat breaks away from the pack is in its wheelbase. The wheels on this ATV reach a full 95 inches, and since one of the Wildcat’s nearest competitors, the Polaris RZR XP (this desert buggy is also an available option at VORT) only has a wheelbase of a little over 81 inches, it’s obvious the ‘Cat’ has an advantage. Newcomers to the ATV world might not realize how beneficial this is, but with improved handling and increased steering response, there’s no doubt this larger wheelbase will come in handy. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too.
Of course, it’s important to look at the other specs on the Arctic Wildcat 1000 as well. How else will someone know if it’s the right ride for them? The dry weight of the vehicle is 1,335 pounds, and this likely contributes to its higher center of gravity rating. The ATV also has a bed capacity of 300 pounds, which is the same as the RZR XP, but with a front travel of 17 inches and a rear travel of 18 inches, it gives you more of a feel of driving a car across the desert. The RZR XP 900 in Vegas Off Road Tours’ stable, is lightweight, built for fast throttle response and fast acceleration, with a low center of gravity for exceptional cornering.
It’s Built for Comfort
The Wildcat 1000 definitely stands out in certain aspects, but recognizing where it crushes the competition is even more important. The first thing many people notice when rocking it up the side of a dune is the electronic power steering. The vehicle’s Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering, also known as EPS, consistently measures factors such as speed, wheel resistance and the input force from those steering it. In the end, this makes for a more enjoyable experience and amazing maneuverability.
Of course, it would be folly to not point out the comfort level attained with the Wildcat. The positioning of the fuel tank, which is behind the seats, means that seating placement is not limited in the least. The bucket seats are high-back and contoured, and this allows for maximum upper body support while traveling through the desert.
While the bucket seats might make for a more comfortable ride, though, it’s the suspension that keeps most people’s backs in line and uninjured. American made shocks from Walker Evans Racing are featured on the ATV. These shocks were designed for constant off-road competition, so those not engaged in a cross-desert race are in for a great surprise. Add in the 5-link rear suspension which is only outperformed by its front suspension, and you’ve got a ride that most ATVs couldn’t even think of pulling off.
There are a ton of ATVs out there. Heck, a few of them thrown together actually weigh a ton. The point is that there’s always going to be a "right one for the job." Different ATVs stand out in different ways, but when it comes to pure-sport ROVs, the American-made Wildcat 1000 undoubtedly stands out from the rest. Whether you’re looking into buying one of these ‘weekend warriors,’ or trying to make the best choice for an off-road adventure with friends in the Nevada desert, overlooking the Wildcat would be a completely amateur mistake. As much as Vegas Off Road Tours loves the smooth ride and handling of these awesome machines they have unfortunately had to stop using them in their Las Vegas ATV tours. The wider wheelbase does not allow for the best maneuverability on their particular trails especially through the canyons. Vegas Off Road Tours still think they are great machines though!
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