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The Side by Side Vegas ATV Experience

This Las Vegas ATV tour includes the experience of the amazing side by side Polaris RZR & Wildcat Side by Sides

The ATV is meant for one person and has handlebars to steer the vehicle. On the other hand, the side by side or UTV has a round steering wheel, just like our regular vehicles, and there are seats in it for accommodating more people than just the driver. From the way these vehicles look most people get an impression that they are only meant for racing and professional racers. That’s not true. These vehicles can be used by families for fun. In fact, the safety measures on such vehicles are much stricter so you should not fear riding on an ATV or UTV (side by side).

What Do They Offer?

Polaris Side by sides offer you safety, performance, power and fun. Their vehicles are equipped with wide tires with stunning traction.  When it comes to suspensions and shocks, Polaris deliver a smooth performance regardless of the terrain you are rolling on. Polaris provides the famous 3-link rear suspension with ground clearance of 13-inches adn wheel travel of 18 inches to conquer any obstacle.

The Polaris cockpit is still considered the comfortable in its class. Polaris RZR offers available 2WD and AWD option that can also be switched on the fly. Of course, AWD delivers control.

The control is always in your hands with electric power steering and with over 100 horsepower you are certain to have a good time.

Polaris makes the best ATVs and UTVs while using latest technology to deliver the best performance and safety. Polaris vehicles are extremely sturdy and the safety options on them let families and pairs enjoy the rides to their fullest.

Enjoying ATV and UTV Rides In Nevada

There couldn’t be a better and more suitable place in Nevada for driving ATVs and UTVs than southern Nevada i.e. Las Vegas. Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert. People are mostly attracted to Vegas because of its nightlife, casinos, dining and lavishness it offers. Many exotic and sports car rides are offered as fun rides for families and tourists coming here for fun and vacationing. However, there is another side of Las Vegas and it is best explored on ATVs. Most companies that offer tours and trips around Las Vegas and through the dunes, humps, ridges, mines and cliffs of Mojave Desert try to use the ATVs and UTVs for this recreational activity.

If you are coming with your family to enjoy these rides, it is highly recommended that you only pick an ATV adventure tour company that has Polaris vehicles. These are the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on the market today and are a must for a fun and exciting trip.  The desert environment is tough on vehicles, Polaris RZR makes it easy on you!

You can look for Las Vegas ATV rentals on the internet. Make sure you don’t forget to check out the Pioneer Saloon that’s located in the Goodsprings CDP. This nearly 100 year old Saloon is a perfect place to delve into the history of Nevada and know a little bit more about the spooky stories purporting Pioneer Saloon as a place that gets haunted by ghosts and spirits. In fact, you could get the ATV rentals right from this small town of only a few hundred people. This could always serve as a great starting point to the most adventurous ride of your life.

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