Our ATV Tour Versus The Competition

Taking an ATV tour through the Nevada desert is an incredible experience we think everyone should make room for in their Las Vegas itinerary. If you’ve decided you want to make off-roading part of your next Vegas vacation, you’ll find a variety of options, but they don’t all stack up to the to quality they claim.
At Vegas Off Road Tours, we don’t think anyone’s going to provide you with a better experience than ours, and we aren’t afraid to tell you why.

Once our shuttle has picked you up and brought you to the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV—about a thirty minute drive from the Las Vegas strip—you’ll be at the location where a tour of your lifetime will begin. Other ATV tours in the area feature multiple shuttle rides: one from the strip to a staging area, and then a second ride out to the spot where you’ll finally get behind the wheel. All this transit is often included in your quoted tour time, meaning the hours you actually get to spend riding could be much less than you expected.
At Vegas Off Road Tours, you’ll get to ride out as a clean and excited group, and return hours later to the Pioneer Saloon, filthy and smiling. You’re welcome ;). This trip out together, not only creates a feeling of camaraderie in all of our off-road tour groups, but you’ll spend less of your precious time on a boring shuttle bus.
Start and end location aside, what you probably care most about is what happens once the tour actually gets going. When you sign up with some of our competitors, your ATV experience won’t really be a tour at all, but just driving ATVs around in sand dunes. Yes, you hear it here first. If you like to ride around in circles, on sand, then…
Ya, it’s fun for a while, but without changing scenery or terrain, you might feel ready to pack it in before your time is even up. Other people’s version of a tour is a very controlled, single file drive along a trail, and won’t let you experience what the machine you paid good money to ride can really do. Again, you’re welcome.
Our ATV tours blow both of these scenarios out of the water for a few reasons. First off, it’s a real, historical tour! We’ll stop at points of interest, and you’ll come away with an impressive knowledge of the area and it’s history. Second, you’ll get to explore a lot of different terrain, and really have a chance to see what your vehicle can do.
If you’re a first-time rider who isn’t exactly a speed demon, off-roading can seem intimidating. Don’t let that stop you from coming on one of our tours! Some inexperienced drivers describe feeling unsafe when riding with our competitors, but that won’t be the case with Vegas Off Road Tours. Each year we host a wide variety of riders both in age and experience; from a the very young 65-year-old who’s never been on an ATV to a seasoned off-roader, it’s our goal to make sure everyone has a great time. Our fleet of vehicles are side-by-side UTVs with room for a driver and a passenger, which means you can bring along a friend who’d rather just sit back and enjoy the ride. Our tours are truly a family affair, and kids 12 and up are more than welcome to ride as passengers in our tours, but will have to be 18 with a valid driver’s license to get behind the wheel.
Once your highly informative, high-speed tour is over, we’ll arrive back at the Pioneer Saloon. We know you’ll be craving good food and a cold drink, so we went ahead and took the liberty of making the time for you to have one, if you choose! When we say “good food”, we’re not talking a boiled hot dog or a cold cut sandwich, but a flame-grilled 100% Certified Angus Beef Burger. Wash it all down with an ice cold beer, and you might have as much fun unwinding with your crew as you did out riding in the desert.
We’re not the only ones who think our tour is an amazing experience. We’re the proud owners of a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, and more than 96 percent of our reviewers on their site have rated our tour as “Excellent”. Satisfied customers from all walks of life love to tell us about the incredible time they’ve had with Vegas Off Road Tours, and we hope you’ll be joining their ranks soon.
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