My Husband Brought Home Another Female After Going On An ATV Tour!

We live in and run our tours out of the sleepy little community of Goodsprings Nv. We sit in a cozy valley surrounded by desert mountains. Over the mountains where we take our tours sits another little desert community by the name of Sandy Valley. It is there, at a local tavern The Idle Spur, that another female caught my husband (Mel’s) interest, there was little that I could do about it, he was smitten.

It happend the evening that he ran one of our ATV tours over the mountains down into the Idle Spur. He was sitting on a bar stool, when she mosied up to him, after he called her over. That was it, in that moment they had fallen in love. He came home, all excited about this wonderful creature that he had been looking for, for oh so long, just the right one, he said. I thought, what about me? Aren’t I enough?
No one knew her, no one knew where she had come from. She just showed up one late night. Watching her mistrust of those around her, you could tell, she had been in abusive relationships, it was obvious, even showing tell-tell signs of abuse that took weeks to heal, so someone said.
He didn’t say another word about her, for a few days. Then he asked if he could bring her home! I knew it was over, just him and I alone, our lives forever changed!
They bonded quickly, a love affair I could not stop, him and this red haired creature. She had no name, we toyed with the name Ruby or maybe Lucy. Our granddaughter was visiting and in a twisted tongue moment she said "Roozi", a combination of Ruby and Lucy. I said, that’s it, that is her name and so she was named!
She is his shadow, she is his friend! He loves her and she loves him. When he goes to pick up fuel for the Polaris RZRs befor a tour, she rides shotgun! When he wakes in the morning she is at his side. When he’s gone she is wagging her tail with excitement at his return! They can do no wrong in each other’s eyes!

He wanted a dog that is all she is, and to top it off, Roozi LOVES to ride in the Polaris RZR’s. When she knows he is leaving for a ride, she lays down beside the RZR in wait, planning on going too. When they get back, he has to pull her out.
My husband is a happy man! Loving life, riding out in the desert leading our Las Vegas ATV tours, meeting new people every day and he finally acquired the female canine that he had dreamed about for "oh so long". And he sorta likes me! Hey, I agreed to this new arrangement didn’t I?
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