Which Vehicle is best for Your ATV Tour in Las Vegas, NV?

Red Honda Talon for Mojave Desert Las Vegas ATV tours

The Mojave Desert is a captivating place and has become a destination hot-spot for ATV Tours in Las Vegas, NV.  However, the desert terrain can be challenging for ATV rides. There are bumps, challenging hill climbs, and desert dunes. Undoubtedly, you will need a vehicle that is specially designed to take on this landscape and ensure your BEST riding experience with Vegas Off-Road Tours.

Our fleet of Honda Talons are designed specifically to be the best ATV ride for deserts like the Mojave, and we can confidently say they far surpass other vehicles, (within the off-road industry), in many areas. And we know first-hand – we’ve gone through enough models and broken vehicles to know the Honda Talon is the best desert rider out there.


First and foremost – No more broken vehicles. 

Over the years, we have noticed that nearly all the people who came for ATV Tours in Las Vegas NV, came to make exciting memories with their family and friends. People love to experience challenges and thrill with their loved ones. 

Sometimes, however, vehicles can often break down in the middle of a tour. Not really our idea of a “fun adventure” out.

But WHY?

Well, let’s look at how ATVs work…

Most ATVs in the market use the same technology for snowmobiles and ATVs. A continuous variable automatic transmission delivers power via the drive belt. While they work seamlessly in cold weather, the desert provides many challenges: continuous heat emission, traction, extreme load on top of the sand, break parts of the ATV very easily.  The result is, the belt needs fixing regularly.

That’s why we switched gears (pun intended) to avoid the breakdowns of other ATV models and outfitted our fleet with the Honda Talon, which has the Dual Clutch Transmission (commonly known as DCT). 

Upholding its name as an allrounder in gear transmission, the Honda Talon’s DCT encompasses a fully automatic six-speed transmission, engine-braking for steeper trails, as well as twin shifting modes – Normal and Sport.

We can say without a doubt that the Honda Talon has greatly increased the ATV riding experience for everyone on our tours.

Comfortable ATV Tours Las Vegas NV

When you are visiting the Mojave Desert, for your ATV Tours Las Vegas, NV, many people anticipate a sore body and aching back afterward. However, it will surprise you how well the Honda Talon is designed for a smooth ride (to help you avoid a post-ride trip to the chiropractor).

Honda Talon R and Honda Talon 1000

Honda Talon Seats

Here, at Vegas Off-Road Tours, we pride ourselves on being the best providers of ATV Tours Las Vegas NV can offer.

When we chose the Honda Talon, we took every detail into account to offer the best for our riders.

And you can’t have a great ride without a comfortable seat.

The seats of Honda Talon are carefully cushioned at the right places to give you comfort and speed at straight lines, rugged jumps, and harsh corners. The Talon also has a built-in harness bar behind the seats to ease the installation of the four-/five-point safety harnesses. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going or how rocky the terrain is. You simply don’t bounce up and down or back and forth when you are in a Honda Talon. Instead of moans and groans over every bump, the driver in the Talon enjoys a relaxed and firm position on the seat.


The technology that makes it comfortable

Each Honda Talon’s Live Valve system has its own 2.5 FOX Podium shock. Not only will each wheel independently adjust their suspension-damping according to the pressure on the wheel, but the 2.5 Fox Podium allows them to adjust themselves electronically while you drive. This adjustment makes the Honda Talon far more stable during a ride. A feature that beginners and experts both appreciate during their Off-Road ATV tour in Las Vegas NV.

The efficient shock-absorber also prevents the shocks from reaching the seat. Consequently, making the seat shock-absorber work more efficiently. There is a sensation in riding an ATV on a rough trail that everyone, despite their age or gender, loves to experience. To make things better, Honda also added a dependable QS3 triple-selection adjustment clicker which has simply made the technology unmatchable.

Honda Talon R and Honda Talon 1000 parked in Mojave Desert For ATV tours

Enjoy the need for speed on your ATV Tour in Las Vegas NV.  

What is ATV riding best for? Speed. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will want to experience some thrills while driving fast. You can expect our Honda Talons to turn swiftly while maintaining firm control of the vehicle.

Have a lead foot? Worried you might accidentally get carried away and have visions of you in a tumbling cloud of dust? Don’t fret! Our guides are there to guide your inner Mario Andretti and help keep the heaviest of feet at bay so all our riders safe while still having a great time. 

The Honda Talon provides two modes: Sport and Manual. You can easily find the button on the dashboard. Sports Mode is for beginners. Taking the ride in Sports Mode will stiffen the suspension which gives you a feeling identical to a real sports car. The engine will run close to the red line on the tachometer performing faster than before. So prepare yourself for mind-blowing racing experience. 

One of the exceptional qualities that make the Honda Talon a favorable choice for your ATV Tours in Las Vegas NV (over other models) is the 1.0-liter 2-cylinder engine in a parallel configuration which is planted lengthwise at the back of the seats. It is liquid-cooled and has a 104 horsepower fuel-injected 4-stroke engine.


The Best Ride in Vegas

In order for us at Vegas Off-Road Tours to provide the best ATV Tours in Las Vegas NV can offer, we decided to outfit our fleet with both the Honda Talon 1000 and Honda Talon R. If you want a superior and unforgettable off-roading riding experience with one of our Honda Talons, visit us with your friends and family for an adventure through the Mojave Desert!

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