History, ATV’s, and Bad Guys: Oh, my!

Have you ever seen spy movies where the bad guy has his lair somewhere deep in the jungle or out in the barren landscapes of the desert? Honestly…kind of a great concept since hardly anyone goes out, especially into the desert, just for fun. I think, however, bad guys might have started relocating their lairs back when people decided to start living in the desert. Located in Nevada, Goodsprings stands as one of the most unique and charming towns in Clark County. For anyone with a need to traverse, what could be, old bad guy lairs, this is an amazing place to visit! Especially including those who are interested in history. Abandoned buildings, beautiful untouched land, and historical sites are just a few things to experience while there. This region is the pure reflection of desert life. The Mojave Desert shows its colors in all forms from beautiful local flowers to wild horses on the landscape.
So since you’re so obviously interested in adventuring and beautiful landscapes, you MUST be interested in wanting to explore the desert further by means of a giant ATV. The ATV tours, offered by Goodsprings’ one and only Vegas Off Road Tours, allow you to view the surrounding areas of the town, stay in town to have a look at its history, even speak to some local people with fantastic stories, and experience the rich beautiful scenes of the Mojave Desert.
While enjoying the tours on the twisted and winding tracks, you will also get a chance to familiarize yourself with the town of Goodsprings and its many historic buildings. While you’re there, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Campbell Cabin! This cabin may not seem like much with its rocky exterior, however, the fact that this cabin was constructed in 1886 is definitely something worth mentioning. It was the first permanent building in town and built by A.G Campbell himself.
Another amazing building to see is definitely the Goodsprings School. The school has been standing there since 1913 and while you’re there you’ll learn you’re standing inside the oldest school located in Clark County. The number of students was always low because the school has mainly served only the surrounding region but it remains in operation for the students of Goodsprings, NV. The old and dark atmosphere inside the building has attracted many gaming and movie projects. Recently, a game called Fallout had its shooting done at this very site.
Above all, The Pioneer Saloon is the most discussed and popular building of this town and for good reason! This building has it’s own separate room for history alone not to mention a very colorful staff with many stories lending themselves to the past. I have been there many, many times when I’ve visited Las Vegas and it is by far the most historically rich area in all of Vegas. So be sure to hop off your favorite ATV and enjoy a nice cold beer and delicious burger while you’re in the area.
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