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The Town Of Goodsprings Now & Then Presented by Vegas Off Road Tours

What off road Las Vegas tour would be complete without some history of the town you’ve been riding in?


Bartender Tom tell us about the old town of Goodsprings. The old mining town had a max population of 800 in 1916 with stores, restaurants and a dozen saloons making it larger than Las Vegas during that time. During your tour you’ll get to see much of the still-standing bits of that old western town are kept alive by the few remaining locals of the town of Goodsprings.

Over the years, people have mined gold, copper, zinc, lead and silver from this particular area. Before the 1900s, a mill and a small group of tents were erected, along with a post office all in order to establish it as Goodsprings Township. It was in the early 1900s that the Yellow Pine Mine was developed by the Salt Lake City. During this time, other buildings were also established, including the General Mercantile, the Fayle Hotel and the world renowned Pioneer Saloon.

Taking a Closer Look at Goodsprings, Nevada

Named after its founder Joseph Good, the town of Goodsprings, Nevada was previously known as Good’s Spring. The rich underground spring that was nestled in the foothills of the Spring Mountains convinced Joseph Good to settle in the town in the 1860s as his cattle frequented it. It was Mr. Good who originally planted a number of the Cottonwood trees that were found in Goodsprings and it was because of this natural underground spring that they were able to flourish in an area that was otherwise a desert. In the early 1900s, the town of Goodsprings, Nevada became a booming mining town and was once a majorly productive mining district in Clark County.

One of the greatest buildings that are deeply steeped in Goodsprings history includes the Goodsprings Elementary School, which is still used today. Erected in 1913, the Goodsprings Schoolhouse is the oldest school in all of Clark County that is still used for the purpose for which it was made. The initial cost of the school was only about $20,000 and an additional $2305 was used for adding two more rooms to it in 1916. In Clark county, this is the only school that still uses a school bell, but there is a possibility that it may shut down now because of lack of funds. Click the link to learn more and see pictures of the Goodsprings Elementary School.

When this school opened in 1913, it replaced an older school building in the town, which still exists, but is no longer used. However, even that isn’t the oldest building of the town of Goodsprings, Nevada. The Campbell stone cabin has that honor as it was the first permanent structure that was built in the town in the year 1886. This land site was occupied by other greats during the Goodsprings hayadays in 1915 such as the Assay Office, the Jensen and Crampton Store and Phil Springer, Justice of Peace. These buildings were purchased by Otto Schwartz, in 1920, with the exception of the Campel Cabin.

Till 1934, the surrounding area was occupied by the Schwartz General Store. Cora and Otto were married in the stone cabin in 1917 and continued to live there until 1980, when Cora died. Currently, the town of Goodsprings, Nevada is the home of the Pioneer Saloon, which is famous all over the globe and has existed for about 100 years. It is one of the oldest saloons in Nevada and has a bullet hole on the building’s side along with a letter from the coroner that describes the events leading to the hole.

The historic mining town is considered a Ghost town by many because of the ‘haunted’ Pioneer Saloon. It is said that the victim, a gambler who was shot dead by a dealer, still haunts the establishment. Any Goodsprings tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Pioneer Saloon, which also boasts a small memorial to the famous actors Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. On January 16, 1942, the TWA Flight 3 that was carrying Ms. Lombard crashed into the nearby Potosi Mountain. Her husband, Clark Gable, had been sitting and drinking at the Pioneer Saloon when news of her death came through.

The hotel and saloon were the centers of operation during the search for the plane and its passengers, which also included Ms. Lombard’s mother. The Goodsprings General Store is another stop in the old mining town and is right next to the historical Pioneer Saloon. At one time, this store was the Goodspring s café. If rumors are to be believed, George Fayle, the businessman who built the Pioneer Saloon, first constructed the Goodspring’s café and lived in it while the Pioneer Saloon was under construction. Across from this establishment, in late 1915, Mr. Fayle built a General Store and Icehouse.

In 1966, the store was burnt down, but the Icehouse and a storage room still exist today. The Fayle Hotel was built by Mr. Fayle in 1916 for the total cost of $27,000. There were around 20 rooms in the hotel, hot and cold running water and electric lights. Unfortunately, in 1966, the hotel also burnt down and the water well is all that’s left of it now. There have been numerous fires in the town of Goodsprings, Nevada, which have claimed several buildings, causing a huge loss for the town.

The population of the town is no more than 230 people according to the data collected by the census in 2010. The Pioneer Saloon of the town has made it a popular spot for movie makers. While several movies were filmed in the Saloon, there were some that were also filmed in the town of Goodsprings, Nevada itself. In fact, in the 2014 film called the Signal, the signal that’s sent out by NOMAD originates from Goodsprings.

The people of this small and beautiful town are hardworking and loving. There are lots of things to see in this quaint little place that people can enjoy when they visit.

​Your Vegas Off Road Tour will pass through the town of Goodsprings as well as the surrounding Goodsprings mining district. You will get to motor around and see many structures still standing that are well over 100 years old. See more ATV Tour Facts Here.

For old historic photos and more history please visit the Goodsprings Historical Societies website at

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