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Wildlife & Plant Life on our Las Vegas ATV Tours

Las Vegas desert tours let you experience nature like never before.

Explore Southern Nevada – See The Other Side Of The Las Vegas Life

Talks of beautiful beaches, great mountain tops and the lakeside trails are pretty common on the internet, but there is much more that this beautiful planet has to offer us. Just like the mountain ranges and beautiful seafronts, deserts offer spectacular views and sceneries too. The life of plants and animals in the desert is completely different from what we normally see in forests and jungles. If you have ever wished to enjoy the beautiful highs and lows of the deserts, see the amazing desert animals and enjoy the sight of desert plants, Southern Nevada is the place to go.

The most prominent and yet appealing thing about Southern Nevada is the prevalence of Mojave Desert; its climate, animals and plants. The most popular city of Nevada you must have heard about is Las Vegas. This is the most populous city you will find in Nevada and also one of the most popular cities in the world and movies. Due to its spectacular nightlife, fine dining, casinos and their associated games, Las Vegas often appears on magazines around the world and in movies. Being a part of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas hosts the typical climatic conditions and ecosystem of the desert.

A Little About Southern Nevada

Southern Nevada is occupied by the territories of Mojave Desert and thus the climate that prevails in this region is of a desert. The summers are hot and the winters are mildly cold. You don’t experience extremely cold temperature throughout the year and only a week of drastically cold weather at maximum. Most part of the year is sunny so you can go out for picnicking or other outdoor activities without any worries of the rain. Tornadoes and storms are also less frequent in this region, especially the regions comprising of Las Vegas and its vicinities.

Southern Nevada and the Goodsprings area are most known for their wild horses. Almost all the best wild horses of the nation come from this region. Along with wild horses, the strong burros also dwell in the southern parts of Nevada and they are all adapted to the dry conditions of the region. These burros and wild horses wander around in the vast, stony, and sandy fields of Southern Nevada. In just 1988 the population of the wild horses in the region was estimated to be 26,160. Certain actions from some organizations have resulted in the reduction of the number of wild horses in these regions. Click the link to see more of our actual ATV Tour Wild Horse Images.

Recently, cases revolving around the roundups of these wild horses have been in news too. Efforts are being made to keep these horses in favorable conditions since many organizations have reported that the drought in Nevada s intensifying with time and can become a cause of extinction of these horses very soon. Some other notable animals in this region include the desert tortoise. Unfortunately, these tortoises are becoming extinct with time and are currently considered an endangered species. A very famous fish, Moapa Dace, is also being helped by various organizations for its revival.

As you wander around in the forest area of Southern Nevada you might also be lucky enough to spot the mule deer, antelopes, humming birds etc. Among the dunes of this region, the Spring Mountains and sandy fields grow some beautiful flowers. Of course, the first plant many think of when the word “desert” is mentioned iscactus. In this region you will find a lot of Cholla cactus and Barrel cactus. The desert friendly plants and trees are the characteristic of this area and a lot of “bullet-proof” plants are the dwellers of southern Nevada regions.

Creosote bush is what you will find most commonly in the Mojave Desert. Creosote is a shrub that gives off a peculiar creosote odor when you’re near it. Cacti and yucca are among the plants that store water in them and this region is also host to many different types of trees. If the desert is lucky in a particular year, it gets rainfall that results in the blooming of many different types of flowers. Most of these flowers are annual flowers that complete their lifecycle within a year and then die as soon as the season is over.

A unique thing about Nevada is that it boasts varying elevations that reflect some really drastic changes in the temperatures. There are high mountains in this state that are mostly covered with snow for most part of the year and are as high as 13000ft. However, the elevations in the Mojave Desert aren’t very high. This is the reason for mostly hot weather during the year in this region. The notorious Death Valley is also hosted by the famous Mojave Desert.

There are places in Southern Nevada that are known for how old they are. For example, Goodsprings, a census designated place (CDP), located in the Clark County, is a very small area occupied by very few people – only 229 people according to the census of 2010. This is a very old town that has seen it’s booms and recessions as time has passed. Many of the buildings in this area belong to the very beginning of the 20th century. If you ever go to this town, make sure you don’t forget to visit the Pioneer Saloon, the oldest saloon that you can find the entire state of Nevada. This saloon is about to be a 100 years old.

How To Experience Southern Nevada

Of course, the most appealing thing about Southern Nevada is the Mojave Desert and the beautiful and stunning landscapes it offers. The dunes, vast fields, Death Valley, man-made lakes, natural lakes, dried up ancient lakes, Red Rock Canyon, Boron Mine, Mojave Trail, Cedar Canyon etc. are all the great offerings of the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas for you. There is much more to do within Las Vegas but exploring the beauty of the desert is going to show you the other side of Las Vegas.

The best way to experience the beauty of Southern Nevada and Las Vegas is by an ATV tour. You can look for many different companies that offer Las Vegas ATV tours so you can explore the natural beauty of Southern Nevada and appreciate the presence of desert plants, wild animals and twirling landscapes in this region. You can always do the booking online and several discount coupons and offers are always available for you to make your trip affordable. People love to take their families and friends to ATV tours in this region because this has been the best way to go into the beauty of the desert for years now.

ATV tours can be as short as 1-hour trips and as long as 4-hour trips or more. You don’t have to worry if you are a beginner and haven’t driven an ATV much before. There are always guides who stay with you for the duration of the tour. The good thing is that most companies will provide you a pickup from your hotel so you don’t even have to afford the transportation costs. Now, if you have been waiting to go through the dried up lakes, the dunes of deserts, and obsolete beds of lava and take pictures of the wild horses, burros, antelopes, and vegetation of a desert, book a tour today.

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