Best Birthday Ever! Vegas Off Road Tours Customer Spotlight – Derek & Kiona

I just reread the review posted on TripAdvisor by one of our customers, Nov. 2nd. He is one of my most favorite customers thus far and I and my husband have been made his honorary Auntie and Uncle! Check out the YouTube Video or simply watch it here.

He and his girlfriend were a blast from the beginning when I accidentally face timed him on my return call. It was hilarious! I must say, for early morning viewing they did make a beautiful couple! I didn’t go on the tour with them, sometimes I do, but Mel was their guide, he always makes it fun! And from the looks and sounds of them on their return they must of had a great time.
They were covered in dust from head to toe, that told me Derek stayed right on Mel’s butt or in other words, Derek drove very closely behind the lead vehicle being driven by my husband, letting no dust settle but on themselves. A sight for sore eyes when they returned to the Pioneer Saloon for burgers and beer. Oh, and fireball shots in celebration of Derek’s birthday. He said he was 38, but he didn’t look that at all. We had his guessed age, in the 20’s. Our customers are all, nothing but great! Really, they arrive happy and excited and leave us full of food, fun and memories! And hopefully we have shared with them in a small amount of time good company, wonderful scenery, fun off road, ATV driving excitement ending in a slice of pleasure that will go with them as they travel on down the road! Some have returned here to Goodsprings and it is always a huge delight to my husband and I when they do, spending time catching up on their lives. We are fortunate to be in the business that we are in, meeting people from all over the world and showing them the Nevada desert like they have never seen before.
To Derek and Kiona from Washington we say thank you for gracing us with your company if for only a short day. You were delightful and so gracious in accepting my mistake-face time-call and still you wanted to give us your business! And we than you for the excellent TripAdvisor Review you gave us. Hope your life if full of the best and if you are ever in Las Vegas again please come out to Goodsprings and see us, we’ll be the older couple sitting up at the Pioneer Saloon waiting for that last tour to come back in! Thank you, once again, Derek and Kiona!

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