As Seen On TV – The Pioneer Saloon’s Multiple 15 Minutes of Fame.

The Pioneer Saloon is famous all over the world. Its fame has been largely due to the enormous amount of press and media surrounding the 100 year old saloon. Maybe you were not even aware of the Pioneer Saloon having a cameo in one of your favorite TV programs or movies. Possibly a commercial or better yet even a video game. Well you’re in for a treat, in this article we will explore a few of these and even share the Youtube video of that show, movie, video game or commercial with you.
Ghost Adventures: Travel Channel
In this episode of Ghost Adventures Zak, Nick, and Aaron (the ghost experts) find themselves traveling past Las Vegas and into Goodsprings, NV where they investigate, and hope to solve, the mysterious death of America’s Profane angel, Carole Lombard.