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“We both now enjoy where we are at and what we are doing. Supplying not only a unique experience in the desert but also a nice little get away from the hectic energy of the city. So please come out and see us. Let us introduce you to what so many people don’t get to see lying in the shadows of the bright city lights of Las Vegas.”

Mel Stotts
Mel StottsATV Adventurer and Cigar Connoisseur
As I watched from our vacation condo, the trailers loaded with ATV’s being hauled down to the beach for rental I thought, why not, this looks like it could be an interesting and fun business. This began our six year journey at discovering the best vehicle for off road riding. We started with Polaris RZRs at Dumont Dunes. And this is where I fell in love with off road desert riding! My wife on the other hand, was not too excited about dirt, dust and romping thru the desert! I simply think that she loved me and was willing to hang with me while I figured it all out!
Debra Stotts (THE BOSS)
Debra Stotts (THE BOSS)Strong Woman that keeps ATV Adventurer under control...
Yes, it has taken me longer to become an off road enthusiast. It was Dumont Dunes where I became more interested in having a business based on renting ATVs and sand buggies for off road riding. At the time it wasn’t the sport that captivated me but the sight of families loving this sport and having fun playing together. And meeting different people from all over the world that is what drew me in. And along the way, I began loving the desert.

In the Beginning

Our first experience in desert riding was in California north of Desert Center . This was when I was young and Debbie was younger. Something about riding thru the open desert, the vastness of it grows on you. After a few years we traded dirt bikes for “Big Red”, 3 wheelers in Texas.Then nearly killing ourselves on 3 wheelers we decided to really go off roading and traded for horses and mules. No one told us a mule could hurt you quicker than a dirt bike or a “Big Red” Honda 3 wheeler. Years passed by, our growing family grown, it was while we were vacationing on the central coast of California that I thought I might like to start a business in the rental of some sort of off road vehicle.

At the time we lived in Las Vegas. I decided on the Polaris RZR ATVs, went down to the nearby Polaris dealership bought a couple RZR ATVs, picked up a Hayabusa Sandbullet dune buggy and took off to Dumont Dunes to rent. That was the beginning of what is now, Vegas Off Road Tours. Along the way, I found out that there was little I knew of the business world. Creating a business was not as easy as picking up a few vehicle rentals and renting them at Dumont Dunes. A wife, 2 daughters and a son-in-law had to take time to capture the idea and create the business side of things. I soon found out good ideas are a dime a dozen but the patience of putting the project together is priceless. I am fortunate to have a family that doesn’t walk away from a challenge or an old man with a dream!

We have our VegasRZR ATVs warmed up and ready for you to zoom across the Nevada desert, dune buggy style. These four wheeler Cadillacs are fast and fun yet very safe because we want you and your family to have a good time but wish to see you do it safely. Thank You for choosing to experience best Las Vegas desert tour with us here at Vegas Off Road Tours.

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