Plan Your Ultimate Thrill-Seeker’s 1-Day Vegas Adventure

Although the first things that come to mind when we hear the word “Las Vegas” are casinos and gambling, over the last few years Vegas has become wildly popular among adventure lovers for many of its thrill-seeking activities. From Las Vegas ATV tours on the Mojave Desert to ziplines, stimulating rides, and other games on Fremont Street, it’s adventure-filled thrills like these that have made the city so amazing that it’s attracting 48.3 million tourists every year. 

Visitors often get overwhelmed by the choices because there is so much to do in Las Vegas. But don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have planned a custom-curated Las Vegas Adventures Day, just for you!


A welcome sign to Las Vegas Naveda

8:AM to 12:PM – Off-Road Desert Adventure!

An Off-Road Las Vegas ATV tours Experience

Even if you’re visiting for one or two days, you wouldn’t want to miss an off-roading experience with ATV rides in Las Vegas. Only a 20-minute ride from the famous Las Vegas Strip will take you to the fascinating Mojave desert. Some Las Vegas ATV tours, like ours, offer complimentary shuttle pick up and drop off services with their package.

Many people fall in love with the Mojave desert at first sight. The desert is made up of an astonishing combination of red and white rocky mountains which is rare to find in nature. Small and big red dunes look wonderful disrupting the clear lines of the horizon. Even if the Mojave desert fails to impress you right off the bat, you will change your mind in seconds once you start exploring it on one of your private Las Vegas ATV Tours.

Best Las Vegas ATV Tours Service

We, at Vegas Off-Road Tours, pride ourselves on being one of the best ATV Tour services in Las Vegas with a variety of vehicles and off-road package options. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and take you through the best exclusive trails that show off the Mojave desert beauty. The more you explore this incredible thousand-year-old land, the more you will realize how time has been preserved in the land itself. With traces of old streams and indications of lava eruption, you will find all this and more to explore on your ATV tour of this 54,000 square mile desert (the driest desert in North America, btw!).

But don’t let the word desert fool you into thinking only of a vast expanse of heat and sand. The Mojave desert holds many special unique beauties to discover. You will see wildflowers that bloom on Cholla cactus and Barrel cactus plants that are hard to find anywhere else. Then there are the iconic Joshua trees, and the Creosote – which is considered one of the oldest living plants on the planet!


Famous Mojave desert for Las Vegas ATV tours


If you were lucky, you may witness some wildlife: wild horses, mule, bighorn, sheep, mountain lions, mule deer, and bobcats. However, the animal you will likely see most often is the black-tailed jackrabbit, which is also known as the American desert hare. 

If you’re interested in booking an off-road ATV tour in Vegas, Vegas Off-Road Tours offers different packages starting from Silver to Platinum, depending on how much time you want to spend on the amazing dunes, as well as Private tours for a custom-planned experience. No matter the package you choose, the service provided to every enthusiastic adventurer is premium.



1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Lunch Time!

After a great adventure with Las Vegas ATV Tours in the Mojave, it is likely that you are ready for a bit of food and drink. It’s time to cool down with some beer and entertainment while people-watching the crowds on the Strip. Fremont street is a lively place and it will surely keep your energy high. We recommend checking out the Whiskey Licker Up Saloon. Their one-of-a-kind rotating bar, well…rotates, so the 25 people sitting at the bar can have a good drinks and eats while appreciating the view of the bar or the street. Perks aside, Whiskey Licker Up Saloon is first and foremost a bar and has 36 varieties of draft beer alone. They have also been said to have some of the yummiest burgers in the area! 


2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Axe Throwing on Fremont Street

We had some adventure with Las Vegas ATV Tours. We grubbed down on some yummy food and drinks to fill our bellies and cool us off.  Now it’s time to get a little dangerous, “Unleash your inner Viking” and throw some axe. Yes, you read it right! Axe Hole Vegas is a fun place where you can give your try at axe-throwing. This is a must-do thrilling experience for your Vegas bucket-list! The professional trainers in Axe Hole Vegas have trained thousands of people and will make sure you throw your ax safely without hurting yourself (or accidentally beheading a friend). And, it’s just an axe’s throw from the Whiskey Licker Up Saloon on Fremont Street.



3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Slotzilla Zipline on Fremont Street

While you are on Fremont Street, why not take advantage of all the thrills it has to offer and try the famous Slotzilla Zipline. If Las Vegas ATV Tours have shown you the best views of the Mojave Desert, the Slotzilla Zipline will show you the best view of the famous Fremont Street in seconds. The 11-stories high zip line goes for 5 whole blocks. If you want something less daring you can try the 7 stories zip line which only goes for 2 blocks. The rides will cost you $49 for the 11-stories and $29 for the 7-stories zipline. Though, if you follow our schedule and ride the zipline before 5:00 PM, you will get a $5 discount on them.


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Stratosphere Adrenaline Rides


The STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod (which many still know from its previous name “The Stratosphere Hotel”) is a notable sight of Las Vegas. We had some adventure with Las Vegas ATV Tours in the morning, so now it’s time to have some evening thrills. STRAT Tower is the tallest structure in Las Vegas and offers three amazing rides, and bungee jumping.

Big shot

It’s 4:00 pm and we want you to prepare yourself to watch the sunset from the highest point in Las Vegas. The 4-minute pneumatically-powered tower ride will shoot you into the air at a speed of 45 miles per hour. In seconds, you will reach a height of 160 feet off the ground. If you were able to catch your breath from the adrenaline-running ride, the view of the city will surely take your breath away once again. From this point, you can easily see the sun slowly sinking in the horizon beneath the city’s tall structure.

Big shot was once the world’s highest amusement ride and you will certainly feel that on your time at the ride. Make sure to enjoy it fully. Because unlike your Las Vegas ATV Tours in the Mojave Desert, you will not be given much time to see the captivating view before the ride will go down with a force incomparable to any other ride in the world.


Insanity ride

The Insanity ride is here to take over your sanity. The ride is a massive spinner at 1100 feet in the air. Between the three rides on the STRAT Tower, this one is the most daring. First, they take the ride slowly into the open-air. Once there, four arms of the spinner start rotating rapidly. Make sure to secure your keys tightly in your pocket because if they fly out, they will likely be gone forever. Popular among thrill-seekers, this ride will knock your socks off. Take a partner with you to have a great laugh afterward. Just make sure to ploy them in a bet, so they can’t chicken out on you at the last minute. 



If you are an adventure lover and want the more blood-tingling version of your Las Vegas ATV Tours, give a try to X-Scream. X-Scream carries a cart similar to the one you see in roller coasters. The car goes back and forth on the 21-meter straight track. It also tilts up and then shoots you down barrelling over the edge, making it feel like you are going to fall off entirely.

There are mixed reviews for this ride, amongst thrill-seekers. The haters called it a glorified kiddie ride. The lovers compare its thrill with The Insanity. Underrated or overrated, one thing is for sure, if any ride is competing with the Insanity as the most thrilling ride in Las Vegas, it is the X-Scream. There is only one way to find out if you agree with the lovers or the haters, and that’s to ride it and find out for yourself.


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Top of the World Restaurant for Dinner

Las Vegas is the city of lights. Hence, we won’t blame you, if you feel you haven’t had enough city views after riding the three famous STRAT Tower rides. We have a solution for you. True to its name, Top of the World restaurant at the top of The STRAT Hotel. It revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes to give you a fascinating city view from all sides. The five-star restaurant has won several awards over the years because of the delicious food options and appetizing menu choices. Therefore, whatever you will choose from the menu will be delicious.


8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Night Cap

After dinner, many people prefer drinks as their last leisure activity for the day. At the end of the day, we want to cool things down. You’ve started your day with Las Vegas ATV Tours in the heated desert and will be ending your night where the temperature is below 0. Minus-5 is cool in more ways than one! The temperature of the place always stays at minus-5 degrees. Everything in it is made up of ice. Even the glasses used to serve drinks are skillfully crafted from ice.

This is the charm of Las Vegas where the adventure never ends. Therefore, make sure to have a good rest. A new day full of adventures are waiting for you with the next desert sunrise.


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