4-Wheel Jamboree And The Rise Of Side-By-Side Popularity

For more than thirty years, the 4-Wheel Jamboree has been bringing 4×4 and ATV enthusiasts together for as much four wheel action as they can handle. With monster trucks, mud bogs, and burnout contests, the Jamboree has something for anyone who loves fast, four-wheeled action.

Dubbed the “Side-X-Side Shootout”, 2016’s new addition to the Jamboree featured side-by-side vehicles (like the Polaris RZR series) competing in two classes on a series of different tracks. The ‘Enduro Course’ featured obstacles and turns to test handling skills, the ‘Speed Course’ was all about how fast the driver could navigate hills and moguls, and the ‘Mud Drag Course’ tested who could tackle the muddy terrain without getting bogged down. First place in each class took home a $1250 purse, and the 2nd through 5th place drivers went home with cash payouts.
The new event was inspired by the increased interest in side-by-side and UTV driving that the Jamboree organizers have been seeing. While traditional ATVs haven’t seen much change in sales over the last decade, and dirt bikes continue to decrease in popularity, the market for vehicles like Polaris’ RZR series side by sides, also know as ATVs, is the fastest growing in the world of Motorsports.
Why Are Side-By-Sides Gaining Popularity?
The most obvious feature of the side-by-side, its ability to safely carry two riders, has a lot to do with growing sales. Riding on a traditional ATV can be a pretty solitary experience, but side-by-sides allow drivers to safely bring someone else along for the ride, maybe even giving them their first experience riding in one of these vehicles. For families, one side-by-side serves the purpose of two traditional ATVs, making it a more economical purchase, and a good lesson in teaching your teenagers how to share.
Another benefit to the side-by-side or UTV is their storage space. If you’re going on an all-day excursion, the ability to easily pack food, emergency supplies, or equipment for hunting and fishing is a huge bonus.
Where a traditional ATV is like a motorcycle or quad — fun, fast, and built for one — side-by-sides could be called the off-road version of an SUV. Their bigger capacity for passengers and storage make them the family-friendly option for weekend-long excursions.
The bottom line is that both traditional ATVs and side-by-sides (also now commonly known as ATVs) present different ways to get the same outdoor rush. Whichever you choose, an incredible off-road experience is just around the corner.
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